FR Fantastic Rooms


Wednesday's Family

This is not an usual place for a sleepover in the mystical city of York. Inspired by a certain family from a certain movie that will give you thrills once you decide to spend a night or more in this unique athmosphere surrounded by the spooky vibes of Wednesday and her Family: The Addams.


Your journey will be endless in this family room which can accommodate up to 4 people.

Rest in a historic train station in the main room while watching the stars from the luxury double bed and experience the couchette beds whilst reminiscing on a forgotten journey, either historical or nearby in your quantic Universe.

The en-suite bathroom with shower enclosure is located in the couchette wagon a Victorian design in line with the rest of the ambient.


In this family room (can accommodate up to 5 people) you are allowed to try your own alchemy formulas. All the Gold you manage to create you may take it home with you. You’ll be charged only for the room. Some potions displayed are alive and they will try to tempt you with a sip! Please do not listen to them, keep them locked in their cupboards and especially do not touch them! You may use all the potions you’ll find in your bathroom for a dream flavoured and relaxing bath.

Enjoy the skyline of Shambles neighbourhood from your window and the colours of the sunset casting down on the roofs of York- the City that never sleeps.

Principium Magicae

When history blends seamlessly with high end luxury, enchanting your view and elevating your soul!

Be ready to spend one night or more in this majestic double room with a dreamy double bed, en-suite and unique, magical design following the boutique hotel concept.

Feel like a King or a Queen for your stay in the room where everything started: “the Principium”.

Harry Potterzzz Mansion

If you're passionate of magic and Harry Potter stories, this is the perfect location for your city break in York.

We're located at only 15 minutes walking distance from University and few minutes walk from the bus station that connects with the city centre, train station and shopping centres. If you like long walks, in only 25 minutes you`ll be in the city centre as well.

There is FREE parking on street always! You don`t have to share any space because the room is completely independent!


This family room (can accommodate up to 4 people) is an infinite illusion, we are not sure even it exists for real but people have talked about their experience in it, and this gives it some semblance of existence.

We understand that once inside the main room you should be ready to get lost in a psychedelic library, surrounded by books that are replicating themselves as you watch the walls.

The second room allegedly has a bespoke wooden bunk bed and is steady, with no illusions we have heard about.

it is equipped with everything you need: shower enclosure, toilet, sink and enchanting mirror just like in a hotel room!


While the Mother Witch is out of office, you may have the honour to share her Reign in the House Main Room (can accommodate 2 people) located on the first floor.